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Аэропорт в Момбаса

Moi International Airport, also Mombasa Airport, serves the city of Mombasa, and is the second most important airport in Kenya after Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. It is located in the township of Port Reitz.

International, Mombasa 12km (7miles), Position 04°02´05"S, 039°35´39"E, Elevation 61m (200ft), 24 hours, 3 Passenger Terminals, 1 Cargo Terminal, 10 Aircraft Stands

Customs Tel: +254 (0)41 433855
Customs Hours:24 hours
Officer-in-Charge: T M Mwasi

The airport is run by Kenya Airports Authority. It has two runways, 03/21 and 15/33. Runway 21 is equipped with an ILS. It was named after former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi during his tenure.

The airport was originally known as "Port Reitz Airport". It was built during the Second World War by the Engineer Corps of the South African Army. During that war it was used by the Fleet Air Arm for the defence of the British Eastern Fleet which was based at nearby Kilindini Harbour from 1942, by the RAF which operated anti-submarine Catalina flying boats off the East Africa coast and by the South African Air Force which was engaged in the war against Italy in Abbysinia.

The airport was expanded to an international airport in 1979.

From July to September 1994, Moi International Airport was used almost continuously as a refueling station during the Operation Support Hope humanitarian mission into Rwanda. Empty C-141 and C-5 freighter jets returning to Europe flew to Mombasa due to the scarcity of fuel in the African interior. The airlift through Mombasa ceased by October due to runway expansion work.

Additional Information: The airport is 12km from the railway station. Terminals I and II have 10 aircraft stands. Terminal III (General Aviation) has 22 stands.

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Mombasa Airport, Kenya, PO Box 93904, Mombasa, KENYA Tel: +254 (0)41 433211 Fax: +254 (0)41 434434 Telex: 21291 Managing Director: George Mvitolto +254 (0)20 822 111 Operations Director: Mr Gichuki +254 (0)20 822 111 Finance Manager: John Thumbai +254 (0)20 822 111 Marketing Manager: Lucy Mbuliva +254 (0)20 822 111 Cargo Manager: William Simbah +254 (0)20 822 111 Public Relations Manager: V Imamai Airport Manager: Tatich Kanbubo Operator:Kenya Airports Authority